Sunday, 26 June 2011

i cant 4get eu....

Every night before I sleep,
Thoughts of you just comes, Until I can't sleep anymore, Then tears just flow from my cheeks. How many times would I say to myself, He would never come backand the love he have for me, were all lies and absurd.Why do I need to feel this pain? I know I am true with everything I've shown to you. I want to slit this wrist of mine,so these feelings would disappear. Everybody tells me, I need to get over you, But damn, why?? Why can't I get you out of my head. I love you so much, So much that I can give even my soul, How I wish, I can bring back those times, The times that we we're together.But why, those memories haunt me and prevent me to sleep.And let my pillows be bathed with tears.DAMN, i miss you so much.your kisses,you embraces,the warm hand of yours,the way you talk,everything about you,I miss them aLL... :(

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